Tossed Togo Hours

In most cases, delivery menu prices are the same as if you dine in the restaurant. A handful of our partner restaurants add up to 10% to their delivery menu prices to cover the costs of packaging and/or other delivery costs. WE DO NOT ALLOW ANY OTHER MARKUPS OF REGULAR RESTAURANT PRICES.

This restaurant is not available for delivery at your requested delivery time. Please sign in and set your delivery time to a future date/time that the restaurant is available.

The soonest possible delivery time for this restaurant is Wednesday at 10:45 AM.

  • SALADSOur salads are a full meal on their own!
  • HALF SALADSOur half salads are plenty on their own for some. Consider adding a cup of soup!
  • FAMILY SALADSOur family salads serve 4 people.