Wings, Etc. Elkhart Hours

In most cases, delivery menu prices are the same as if you dine in the restaurant. A handful of our partner restaurants add up to 10% to their delivery menu prices to cover the costs of packaging and/or other delivery costs. WE DO NOT ALLOW ANY OTHER MARKUPS OF REGULAR RESTAURANT PRICES.

This restaurant is not available for delivery at your requested delivery time. Please sign in and set your delivery time to a future date/time that the restaurant is available.

The soonest possible delivery time for this restaurant is today at 11:45 AM.

  • AWARD-WINNING JUMBO WINGSOur regular or boneless wings come covered in your choice of sauce! Sauces: mild, BBQ, teriyaki, honey mustard, gar-licky-parm, medium, major jerk, jerkin' barbie, spicy hot honey, hot barbie, me-so-spicy, tweener, hot, blazin' Asian, tnt, suicide, wall. **note: if you choose multiple sauces, the wings will be split as evenly as possible.
  • ROLLED-TO-ORDER WRAPSServed with fries or choice of side.
  • PRETTY-DANG-GOOD SALADSDressings: ranch, fat free ranch, Italian, bleu cheese, honey mustard, French, 1000 island, balsamic vinaigrette, raspberry vinaigrette, poppy seed, oil & vinegar, salsa.
  • FRESH-NEVER-FROZEN PREMIUM BURGERSFresh cuts of select beef, custom-ground for chargrilling perfection. The best burger you've ever had at wings, etc., or maybe anywhere! Served with fries or choice of side.
  • MADE-TO-ORDER SANDWICHES & MOREServed with fries or choice of side.
  • HARDWOOD-SMOKED RIBS & TIPSOur babyback ribs and rib tips are wood-smoked and smothered in our own BBQ sauce! Freakin' awesome!
  • "HOMEWRECKER" MONSTER DOGSAn 11-inch, half-pound tube of hot dog wonder and intimidation. Served with fries or choice of side.
  • KEEP-EM-QUIET KID'S MEALSServed with fries or choice of side.